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General Corporate

From formation, employment, and intellectual property, to commercial agreements, transactions, and more, we serve as outside general counsel to a wide range of startups and technology foundations. As founders ourselves, we understand your business goals and tailor our advice to maximize your success.

Crypto, Web3, & FinTech
Product Counsel

Maximize your product market fit; minimize your regulatory risk. We structure products, protocols, and tokens; conduct legal risk assessments, and provide actionable tech and marketing guidance to help you comply with regulations—including securities, commodities, and anti-money laundering laws—all while maintaining your value proposition.


As builders and operators ourselves, we seamlessly plug into your engineering, product, and marketing teams during development and pre-product launch to save you money and time by ensuring regulatory compliance from the start.

Fundraising and Investing

We represent both startups and investors in preseed, seed, and venture financings, including token and digital asset offerings. As founders ourselves, we understand that time is critical in financings.

We close deals quickly and efficiently, while focusing on the most impactful economic and governance terms, so that founders can get back to what they do best—building.

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